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Function available in CINEMA 4D Broadcast, Studio
Radial Clone Tool

Options Tool


Center [XYZ ]

These settings represent the center of the radial clone arrangement (the location where you initially clicked with the mouse button) in the three-dimensional world coordinate system, in consideration of the Placement Plane.

Radius [-∞..+∞]

This setting represents the radius of the radial clone arrangement, i.e., the location you let go of the mouse button.


Use this setting to select the level of the world coordinate system on which the radial clone arrangement should be made. The center of the arrangement will remain unaffected.

Clones Count [1..2147483647]

These settings can also be varied by simultaneously pressing the Shift-key.


Use this setting to define if the original object or the MoInstance object should be generated as a child object of the Cloner. A MoInstance object can be used to create interesting trail effects.