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Function available in CINEMA 4D Broadcast, Studio

MoGraph Selection Tool


MoGraph Selection Tool

Objects created in the following manner can be selected using the MoGraph Selection Tool:

Clone selections are saved to a MoGraph Selection tag and can be used in conjunction with most Effectors to restrict their effect to selected Clones.

Proceed as follows to select Clones:

  1. First select the Clone generating object (e.g., Cloner Object or Matrix Object).
  2. Call up the MoGraph Selection tool (main menu: MoGraph / MoGraph Selection).
  3. Select Clones in the editor view. Each Clone will display its selection status in the form of a colored cube:

    • Dark red: Not selected
    • Yellow: Selected
    If a MoGraph Selection tag does not exist (and currently selected) one will be created automatically. If you want to edit an existing selection the corresponding Selection tag must be selected first. If the MoGraph Selection tag is selected while an Effector is created the MoGraph Selection Tag will automatically be assigned to that Effector.