Reference Cinema 4D Advanced Features MoGraph MoGraph Weight Paintbrush
Function available in CINEMA 4D Broadcast, Studio
MoGraph Weight Tool

Options Painting


Radius [0..+∞]

Use this setting to define the radius of the tip of the brush.

Alternatively you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse to change the radius while painting.

Step [1..100]

Use this setting to define the number of steps in which the weighting should be applied. The higher the value, the less "color" that will be applied at once and the finer the weighting can be applied.


When using a pressure-sensitive input device such as a graphics tablet you can use this setting to define which property should be used when the brush is applied. The following options are available:


Disables the evaluation of the tool’s application pressure.


The radius of the brush tip will increase accordingly with increasing pressure from zero to the value defined in the Radius setting.


Behaves similarly only that the strength of the "color application" will increase accordingly with increasing pressure.

Show Weights

If enabled, the weighting (red/yellow points) will be displayed. If these are bothersome for some reason (e.g., if very many clones with small Effector effects dominate the Viewport), this option can be disabled so you can continue painting "blindly".

Visible Only

If the clones are hidden (e.g., per Effector), this option defines whether or not weighting should also be applied to these (option enabled).