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MoGraph Weight Tool

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MoGraph Weight Tool

Weighting can be painted onto clones using the MoGraph Weight Paintbrush. This weighting will be calculated in realtime by the Effectors. An Effector’s influence can be painted directly onto clones.

With the MoGraph Weight Paintbrush, weighting can be added to clones that is generated by the followint objects:

Clone weighting is saved in a MoGraph Weight Map and can be used by most Effectors by dragging the tag into the respective Effector’s Selection field (Effector tab).

Don’t mix this weighting up with the weighting parameters of clone-generating objects or Effectors. Neither has anything to do with the other. Weighting saved in this tag are therefore referred to as clone weighting in this section.

Proceed as follows to weight clones:

  1. First, select the clone-generating object (e.g., Cloner object or Matrix object)
  2. Call up the MoGraph Weight Paintbrush tool (main menu: MoGraph)
  3. Interactively paint the weighting onto the clones in the Viewport. For each clone, a colored square will signal clone weighting:

    • 0% weight: red
    • 100% weight: yellow
    • in-between values: a corresponding mix of red and yellow

If one is not already assigned, a new MoGraph Weight Map tag will automatically be created when the tool is selected. If you want to edit an existing clone weighting, the corresponding Weight tag must first be selected.

This Selection tag will automatically be assigned to an Effector if the clone-generating object and a MoGraph Selection tag are selected when the Effector is activated.