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Position Constraint

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 Icon Settings

Icon File / ID

Sometimes, when working with numerous icons that look the same, you want to have a better overview of it all. This is what this function does. Objects and tags can be assigned their own icons or existing icons can be re-assigned or colored:

Examples for tags that were colored, replaced by existing ones and custom tags.

Note the Show Custom Icons command in the Object Manager’s View menu, which lets you switch to the Cinema 4D icons.

There are a few objects (e.g., Houdini generator) and tags (e.g., Material tags) that can’t be colored because they are controlled by Cinema 4D directly.

Here, you can either


This function can be used to color an existing or a custom icon. You can select from the following options:

Tags have no Display Color and can therefore only be colored using a custom color. Do do so, activate the Icon Color option.

Presets laden/speichern

These commands can be used to save icons as a preset or to load an icon. Custom icons are saved to and managed with the Content Browser under Presets/User (in the corresponding folder).


Here you can enter a name for the object.


If an element was assigned to a layer its layer color will be displayed here. This field reflects the layer color in the Layer Palette. You can drag & drop layers from the Layer Manager or similar layer fields onto this field. You can also assign layers or remove elements from current layers using the menus located behind the small triangle.