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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

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Normally, the Node will use the Texture tag’s texture tiles. If you want to use a different projection as a basis, the Context input can be used.


Here you can input the color information to be manipulated to the Node.

Offset [%]

This percent value refers to a texture tile and makes it possible to offset the colors horizontally and vertically within the texture tile. The colors pushed out of the tile in accordance with the U and V modes will simply be cut off or they will be pushed back in on the opposite side of the tile.

Length [%]

This setting can be used to modify the size of the color texture in percent in the U and V directions. The scaling uses the Pivot position as its center.

Rotation [-5729577951308232523776..5729577951308232523776°]

This setting rotates the input colors. The percentage Pivot position will be used within the texture tile as its rotational center. Positive values will rotate the colors counterclockwise around the Pivot position.

Pivot [%]

This position is output as a percent from the bottom left corner of the texture tile and will be used as an origin when the Length and Rotation settings are modified.

Repetitions [XYZ ]

These values define the number of repetitions for the input colors within the texture tile. The first value controls the repetitions in the U direction and the second value in the V direction.

Decal U
Decal V

These settings can be used to define whether or not regions outside of the moved, scaled or rotated texture tiles can be filled with additional repetitions. If the option is enabled, repetitions in the respective direction will be excluded. If disabled, the U and V repetitions can be defined.

Mode U
Mode V

If the input texture or color information is reduced, offset or rotated in such a manner that it no longer fills the entire texture tile, these settings can be used to control the repetitive behavior. The respective settings (Decal U and Decal V have to be disabled).