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Retarget Expression Tag

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Retarget Expression Tag

With this powerful tag you can easily transfer motion from one character to another.

The Retarget tag lets you assign animation data from one character to another even if the characters’ proportions don’t match!

You‘ve just animate a dwarf for your client and your client has changed her mind and wants a giant to be animated instead? No problem. Simply assign the dwarf’s animation to the giant! Cinema 4D does the re-proportioning for you thanks to the Retarget tag.

Example: Even though the dwarf on the right is much smaller than the giant, using the Retarget tag you can transfer the motion from one character to the other

To add a Retarget tag to the selected object(s), in the Object Manager, choose Tags / Character Tags / Retarget.

You need three things to operate motion retargeting:

  1. An animated object to act as the source.

  2. A target object that has not yet been animated to which the animation will be transferred.

  3. A copy of the non-animated object that defines a neutral state for the character (a type of starting position, often with the arms stretched out in a T-pose).

Note that you can use the Scale Project... function to scale complete scenes, including characters and their working rigs.