Reference Cinema 4D Additional Functions Sculpting Sculpt Tag
Function available in CINEMA 4D Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Sculpt Tag

Basic Tag

Tag Properties

Mask Color

Use this setting to define an object’s mask color (this setting corresponds with the mask color that can be defined in the Mask brush settings).

Show Layer Manager

Click on this button to display the Sculpting Layers Manager. This is particularly useful if you are working with a layout other than the Sculpting layout and you want to hide a layer or modify a subdivision level.


If this option is enabled, the Sculpt object will be switched to a special ,deactivation’ mode. All Sculpt tools and the Sculpting Layers Manager will be grayed out and part of the memory that is taken up for sculpting will be made available. It will then be possible to use Deformers to modify the Sculpting objects in this mode (see also Tips and Tricks)

Sculpting objects with high subdivision should be frozen when not working on the shape but are working on other Cinema 4D elements.

Allow Deformations

If the Sculpting object is frozen (see previous Freeze option), the enabled Allow Deformations option may allow Deformers assigned to the Sculpting object to affect it. Several Deformers, which have to be initialized based on their Parent object, won’t work (e.g., Mesh, Surface, Smoothing Deformers)!