Reference Cinema 4D Advanced Features Sketch and Toon Sketch and Toon Preferences
Function available in CINEMA 4D Visualize, Studio
Sketch and Toon Preferences

Sketch and Toon Preferences

Auto Add Post Effect

Adds the Sketch and Toon post effect automatically when you add a Sketch material, and assigns the material to the post effect as the default visible material.

Auto Add Material (Post Effect)
Auto Add Material (Style Tag)

These options add a Sketch material automatically when you add the Sketch and Toon post effect or a Sketch Style tag. The material will be assigned to the post effect or tag as its default visible material.

Material Default Background Color
Material Default Object Color

These settings control the default background and object color of the Sketch material’s preview. Set them to Default to use Cinema 4D’s standard settings for material previews. Note that the object color will be quantized, i.e., you will see bands of color appear for the object’s shading instead of a smooth transition.

Material Default Project

Here you can choose which scene is used to generate the preview, such as a scene containing a rounded cube, cylinder or knot. Choose Standard to use the default scene defined on Cinema 4D’s Preferences / Material Preview tab.