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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Volume Material

Preview Basic Density Color Emission


Density Strength [0..99999999%]

Each volume already contains information about its density. This produces the visible shape of a cloud and how dense it is at different locations. With increasing density, the volume will become correspondingly more massive and opaque. In addition, light passing throug it will become more diffuse and can even be prevented from passing all the way through. The density and its distribution are therefore important properties for the volume, which can also be adjusted using the Density Strength setting. This value works as a multiplier for the density value that is saved in the volume. In addition, a spline curve can be used to re-interpret the density value in the volume.

This function graph runs from the bottom left to the top right by default. Areas without density are at the bottom left and maximum density is at the top right. Manipulating the spline curve will redistribute the density within the cloud. A curve that runs from the top left to the bottom right, for example, will make previously transparent areas look massive and make previously massive areas disappear.


Tension [0..100%]
Min [XYZ ]
Max [XYZ ]
Link End Tangents
Link End Positions

Position X [-∞..+∞]
Position Y [-∞..+∞]
Lock X
Lock Y

Tangent Left [XYZ ]
Tangent Right [XYZ ]
Break Tangent
Keep Visual Angle
Lock Angle
Lock Length

Each of these settinga and how the function graph works is explained here.