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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Ambient Occlusion

Basic Cache

Basic Properties

Apply to Project

Lets you enable Ambient Occlusion without having to worry about creating/modifying materials (see also Ambient Occlusion shader). Please note that:

If you define Ambient Occlusion globally, note that objects with materials that have an Ambient Occlusion shader will be calculated twice with regard to Ambient Occlusion. The Ambient Occlusion effect will be amplified for these objects.


See Color.

Minimum Ray Length [0..+∞m]

See Minimum Ray Length.

Maximum Ray Length [0..+∞m]

See Maximum Ray Length.

Dispersion [0..100%]

See Dispersion.

Accuracy [0..100%]

See Accuracy.

This and the following 2 functions have no effect when used in conjunction with AO cache (see Enable Cache).

Minimum Samples [1..10000]

See Minimum Samples.

Maximum Samples [1..10000]

See Maximum Samples.

Contrast [-100..100%]

See Contrast.

Use Sky Environment

See Use Sky Environment.

Evaluate Transparency

See Evaluate Transparency.

Self Shadowing Only

See Self Shadowing Only.

Invert Direction

See Invert Direction. However, the function defined here is less useful than if applied using a shader. Only simple coloration of exposed regions can be rendered.