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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Cel Renderer

Basic Properties


If this option is disabled, objects will usually be rendered with black outlines on a white background.

Color disabled.

When Color is enabled, all objects will be rendered using a reduced color palette (depending on the Quantize and Steps settings) and black outlines on a black background. This gives the rendered subjects a cartoon-like feel.

Color enabled.


If this option is enabled, the shading of objects will be affected by the illumination. Shadows will also be rendered cartoon-style.

If Illumination is disabled, the average color value of the top texture layer (the right-most texture in the Object Manager) will be used to render the objects. As a result, each object has a monotone color.

Also, shadows will not be rendered with the option disabled.

illumination enabled (left) and disabled (right).

This option is available when Color is enabled.


When enabled, an outline will be drawn around the silhouette of objects. If both the Color option and the Outline option are disabled, all you will see is the background color. With Color enabled, the outline will bring out the individual objects and give them a cartoon-like feel.

The outline is drawn around the silhouette of individual objects only. For example, if you have connected an object group to form an individual object, only the overall silhouette will be outlined.

Outline enabled (left) and disabled (right).

You can change the color of the outline using Edge Color.

Edge Color black (left) and white (right).


If this option is enabled, all polygon edges will be outlined in black, creating a shaded wireframe feel.

You can change the color of the edges using Edge Color.

Edges disabled (left) and enabled (right).

Edge Color

Use this to change the color used by Outline and Edges — even if the Color option is disabled.

Background Color

This setting changes the background color provided that Color is disabled. When Color is enabled, the option has no effect.

Background Color white (left) and black (right).

Steps [1..100]

To render the cartoon effect with color steps, enable the Quantize option and set steps to the number of color steps.

From left to right: Quantize enabled and Steps set to 6 and 20.