Reference Cinema 4D Additional Functions Hair Render Preferences
Function available in CINEMA 4D Studio


Individual settings such as specular and color, etc. can be selected in the Multi-Pass menu to be rendered as separate passes.

The Post Effects channel in the Cinema 4D Render Settings menu must be activated as well (Multi-Pass button)!

Note that Hair Multi-Passes only use the Sampling Mode Pixel (Render tab), which can lead to varying results in the RGB image.


If this option is active, the hair will be included in the normal rendered image (an image without Multi-Pass, for which you have assigned a save path in the Save tab). Otherwise, hair will not be included.


Use this setting to define if and how depth and alpha passes will be output for the rendered hair. The following options are available:

Split Back

As soon as this setting is activated, the individually adjustable effects will be separated according to normal and backlit (Backlit Color Hair material channel). For each active pass an additional pass will be made and labeled Backlit.

Remaining Settings

The remaining settings can be combined to fulfill any wish an artist may have when rendering hair. All of them are basically self-explanatory, except for the following:

Received Shadows


Diffuse: Diffuse lighting without specular lights.


Illumination: The light intensity (brightness) of the hair based on all light sources.

Various Hair multi-passes. A normal RGB image is shown at the bottom right.