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Function available in CINEMA 4D Studio
Lens Distortion

Basic Properties

Lens Profile Filename

Load a Lens Profile (a file with the extension *.lns) on which the distortion of the 3D objects in the Project should be based into this field.

If you click on the small triangle next to the setting’s name, the lens profile parameters, with which you should already be familiar with from the Lens Distortion tool, for that lens profile will be displayed.

Contrary to textures, the values will be maintained even if the lens profile can later no longer be found. Only if the Lens Profile File field is cleared will the values also be deleted.

Image Scale [1..10000%]
Image Offset X [-500..500%]
Image Offset Y [-500..500%]

These three settings can be ignored most of the time. They only have to be modified if the setting of the same name (in the Footage or Image tabs) was modified in the Motion Tracker object or Camera Calibrator tag in order to use only a specific region of the image.

These settings are used to scale or move the render region. If all settings are the same as with the elements mentioned, the 3D object distortion will match the background image material.