Cinema 4D Cinema 4D Visualize, Broadcast, Studio Advanced Render CineMan RenderMan
Function available in CINEMA 4D Visualize, Studio

Translation Quality Features Global Illum. Advanced Atmosphere

Global Illum.

Max. Error [0..100%]
Max. Pixel Distance [0..256]
Max. Bounce [1..4]
Max. Hit Distance [0..100000000m]
Max. Error [0..100%]
Max. Pixel Dist. [0..256]

Samples [1..1024]
Adaptive Sampling
Max. Variance [0..1]
GI Shading Rate [0..1024]
GI Max. Error [0..100%]
Save File
Seed File
Env. Name
Env. Strength [0..1000%]
Env. Blur [0..1000%]

This tab offers only limited settings with regard to Global Illumination. This is due to the fact that all supported renderers usually generate their own Global Illumination using a default or proprietary light source Shader. Hence, this effect is enabled / disabled within each individual renderer or application. The settings included in this tab and the descriptions thereof vary from renderer to renderer. Please refer to your renderer’s reference manual for information regarding Global Illumination.