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 RIB Generators

Subdivision Surface

This setting defines whether the Subdivision Surface polygon object should be exported using Catmull Clark subdivision (if at all possible) or as simple polygons.

Catmull Clark is recommended.


Shader Path
Texture Path
Archive Path
Procedural Path

Use this setting to define additional search paths for shaders, RIB archives, procedural geometry, etc. This will only be required if you use external sources which are not directly generated upon scene export. The data generated when the scene is translated will also be sorted into directories named "archives”, "textures” and "shaders”. These paths will always be included in the search paths and do not need to be added manually.


RIB Style

The RIB style can be set to one of the following:

Export Main RIB
Export Archives
Export Shaders
Compile Shaders
Export Textures
Make Textures

The remaining settings control which resources are generated during translation. Normally you will want to generate all elements. However, certain parts can be disabled for export in the interest of saving time when re-exporting.