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Sub-Frame Motion Blur


Sub-Frame Motion Blur

Scene Motion Blur has been renamed Sub-Frame Motion Blur. The Strength parameter has been removed. The degree of blur is controlled by the camera’s Shutter Speed (s). The Physical Camera (rendered using the Physical Renderer) also offers a realistic, accurately calculated motion blur.

You can activate Sub-Frame Motion Blur (SFMB) to simulate a camera panning swiftly.

With a real-life camera, motion blur arises when an object flies past the camera at great speed or when the camera pans rapidly (Sub-Frame Motion Blur). This motion blur helps to create the illusion of real motion rather than a sequence of still pictures and so it is of great use to animation software. Animation software does not use real shutters and real film, so the motion blur must be faked, see Figure 1, below.

Figure 1.