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Function available in CINEMA 4D Visualize, Studio

Sketch and Toon

Main Lines Render Multi-Pass Shading Editor Display

Sketch and Toon

The Sketch and Toon post effect is the main control center and line rendering engine used to create your non-photorealistic (NPR) render. This is where you will find the settings for the line render, post-rendered shading, multi-pass, editor display and scene-wide line styles. The "Sketch and Toon" post effect is located in the Render Settings’ "Effects" menu.

To add the Sketch and Toon post effect:

In the Cinema 4D render settings, on the Effects button and choose Sketch and Toon from the menu that appears. A new Sketch material will be created and assigned to the post effect if this option is enabled in the Sketch and Toon preferences.

Alternatively, Sketch and Toon has a number of automatic setup options that enable you to speed up creating your NPR scene. These settings can be found in the Sketch and Toon main preferences located in the Sketch and Toon section of the Cinema 4D preferences.

To add the Sketch and Toon post effect using the automatic setup

Do one of the following: