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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

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Base Color

Here you can select the base color of the wood. This color will automatically be varied across large areas.

Grain Intensity [0..100%]

The wood’s structure will darken with increasing strength, which amplifies the impression of rough, untreated wood.

Veins Intensity [0..100%]

This setting can be used to add the veins in wood grain. The Veins Intensity works like an opaque surface of the grain on the following setting.

Veins Irregular [0..100%]

This setting works similar to a contrast value on the chaotic wood grain.

Veins Linear [0..100%]

This setting can be used to simulate the linear pattern of wood fibers or year rings.

Veins Turbulence [0..100%]

This setting can be used to add more random turbulence to the grain. The effect can be seen especially well with Veins Linear.


This gradient’s colors are applied to the selected grain. The color at the left end of the gradient primarily colors the Veins Linear and the darker regions of the grain; the colors at the right end of the gradient is for larger areas in the grain. All colors can be assigned alpha properties, which lets their opacity be fine-tuned individually.

Knot Position [0..100%]
Bias Position [0..100%]

Details about using the color gradient can be found under Color Gradient in Nodes.

Stain [0..100%]

This setting does more to define the quality of the surface than for the characteristic wood grain. The stronger the effect, the more noise patterns that will be added. The size of this structure is defined using the Stain Scale setting.

Stain Scale [%]

This vector can be used to scale the structure of the stains along the three spatial axes.

Seed [0..1000]

All random calculations of noise patterns and turbulences used by the node are based on this value. Modifying this value will result in a recalculation of the wood structure.