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Bevel Tool

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Bevel Tool

What you should know first: The all-new Bevel tool has very little in common with the old tool - and leaves almost nothing more to be desired! Bevel turns harsh edges and corners into flattened, rounded, soft elements.

The various component modes produce the following results:

Bevel works differently in each component mode.

What the Bevel tool can do with points, edges and polygons is explained in the description of the individual settings. A taste of possible edge bevels can be seen here:

Various modes for beveling edges.


Note the tool handles’ various icons.

The Bevel tool has a two-level interactivity integrated into it that works as follows:

There are basically 3 yellow tool handles available in Use Edge mode (other modes are similar) that are displayed in the Viewport:

The following special features are available when in Use Polygon mode:

The following special features are available when in Use Edge mode:

Use sub-selection to define different Offset to individual edges without having to leave the tool to make a new selection.

You can also set values for individual edges separately without making sub-selections by pressing the Ctrl/Cmd key.