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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

Basic Shader Colors Gaps Dirt

Shader Properties

Scale [0..+∞%]

This value represents the general size of the shader. The smaller the value the finer the shader will appear.

Brick Width [0..+∞%]
Brick Height [0..+∞%]

Use these settings to adjust the brick width-to-height ratio. If, for example, you assigned both parameters the same value the bricks would appear square.

Shift [-∞..+∞%]

From left to right: smaller Shift value, Reset every nth row = 3, Half width every nth row = 2.

Use this setting to adjust the horizontal shift per row of bricks (starting at the top row). A value of 0% will align the bricks directly over one another.

Reset Every nth Row [0..2147483647]

For smaller Shift values by which the bricks will only be shifted slightly per row, you can use this setting to define that the bricks are aligned at each nth row.

Half Width Every nth Row [0..2147483647]

Pretty much self-explanatory. At every nth row a row of bricks of half width will be inserted.

Shift [-∞..+∞%]

If the aforementioned setting is given a value >1, the row of bricks with the half width can also be set vertically using the Shift setting.

Balance Alt. Color Period

If Half Width Every nth Row is set to a value larger than 0, enabling this option will halve the number of colored bricks at half width.

Displacement mode

Various Displacement settings.

The Displacement settings described below have an effect when the shader is used in the Displacement channel (or to a lesser degree in the Bump channel). The Displacement channel generates the necessary grayscale values to achieve realistic-looking results.

Of course this shader should have similar values to the Color channel with regard to brick size and grout.

The Displacement Mode can be used in combination with the Colorizer-Shader to generate random colors in brick shape.


Enable this option to use the Brick shader in the Displacement or Bump channels. All Brick settings that are of no use to these channels will be grayed out.

Height Variation [0..100%]

Increase this value if the hight of the bricks should vary randomly. A value of 0% will produce a perfectly level surface with only the grout lying deeper than the brick surface. The higher the value, the more varied the bricks’ heights will be.

Slope Intensity [0..100%]

If the bricks are too uniform with regard to their perpendicular height from the wall, this value can be used to add variation. The brick side defined in Slope Direction will then be raised. A value of 0% will produce a brick surface absolutely perpendicular to the wall. Increasing values will add correspondingly more variation.

Slope Direction

Use this setting to define the brick side that should be raised. If set to Random, a random edge or corner will be raised on each brick.

Seed [0..2147483647]

This setting can be used to add random distribution of the random values (Height Variation, Slope Direction).