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Function available in CINEMA 4D Broadcast, Studio

Camera Shader

Basic Shader

Camera Shader

The shader grabs a camera view that can then be projected onto any object. At the bottom right is an example of a feedback effect (camera views the canvas).

Define a camera in the Camera Shader whose rendered view should be used as a texture. One effect that can be achieved is a feedback effect when the camera is aimed at the object on which the Camera Shader material lies (as with all other reflection effects, the Ray Depth parameter is used to define the number of repetitions).

Also, multiple views of an object can be easily created in a single rendered image. Simply create several cameras and project each one’s view onto an element within the scene, e.g., a Plane Object, a Foreground Object or a Background Object.

Several views can be incorporated into a single rendering. The top two views are layers with a Camera Shader assigned.