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Cheen Shader

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Specular 3

The three specular highlights controlled in the Specular channels are added to the surface color. All three Specular channels share the same parameter set, which is described below.


Sets the base specular color for the specular component.

Intensity [0..1000%]

Scales the Color to produce attenuation in the specular reflection of the surface (this simply means it makes the color darker when the value is close to 0% and brighter when the value is closer to 100% or above).

Size [0..200%]

Sets the size of the specular reflection.

Contrast [0..100%]

Provides contrast for the result of the specular sample color. Implements a standard contrast function.

Glare [0..1000%]

Works with Intensity by using the edge falloff (multiplied by the Falloff scalar) to change the intensity of the specular reflection. This can be used to add a glare to the surface when a light is reflecting more on an edge or specular effects to reduce the specular reflection when a light causes a reflection closer to the edge.

Falloff [0..+∞%]

Utilized to vary the falloff of the center of the object to the edge to affect the Glare intensity. Smaller values cause the specular reflection to reflect the Intensity value more, while larger values make the surface use the Glare scalar more. Experimentation is required to fully understand this parameter.