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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Ripple Shader

Basic Shader

Shader Properties

Wave length [0..+∞m]

The Wave Length defines the distance between the ripple’s crests.

Speed [0..+∞]
Amplitude [0..+∞%]

The Speed parameter defines the speed of the ripples. The Amplitude defines the ripple crest height. For realistic results, avoid high values.

Falloff [0..+∞%]

Reality dictates that ripples become smaller the further away they are from their point of origin. Use the Falloff to simulate this effect.

Minimal Strength [0..1000%]

The amplitude (regulated using Falloff) eventually becomes so small that it reaches a value barely greater than zero. To save rendering time, the Minimal Strength parameter lets you set the moment at which the entire ripple is removed. Avoid high values or the ripples will disappear prematurely.

Periods [1..2147483647]

Regulates the number of crests.

Particle Dependent

This option only affects Thinking Particles. When enabled, the size of the ripples will depend on the size of the particles. This takes the PStorm node’s Distance and Distance Variation values into account, allowing variations in the ripples.


Drag & drop the object that you want the particles to collide with into the Object box. Before an object can be placed into this field it must be made editable.


If you are using Cinema 4D’s native particles, Drag & drop the emitter object

into the Particles box. Or if you are using Thinking Particles, Drag & drop the Particle Geometry object into the box.