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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

Multi-Pass Multi-Pass


Here you will find several settings with which you can output individual layers of complex Reflection channels. The settings described below are available for reflection and specular highlights.

Separate Materials

You can select from:

Separate Layers

If you also want to split individual Reflectance layers in addition to the material splitting, you have the following settings from which to choose:


Here you can define the degree to which reflections should be broken down per Reflectance layer (e.g., specular highlights have an analog behavior for reflections):

The reflective object at the bottom left with 2 reflective layers named ,Clearcoat’ and ,Metallic’, respectively, and the Multi-Pass layers in Photoshop.

Note the special case for the example on the right (Channel 3):

In addition to the Reflection layer (all reflections combined) there is also 3 layers in the Reflection_Mat_1 folder. If this folder is made visible by clicking on the eye icon the Copper_combined layer - and only this layer - will be made visible. Why? Because this layer is made up of the Copper_Multiply and Copper_Reflection_Base layers. If the remaining two layers in this folder were made visible you would effectively have two active reflections.

Also note that, for internal reasons, the sum of the layers will never represent the composited image exactly.

The same applies in principle for the Multi-Pass specular highlight.