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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

The Seat Cushion

The actual seat cushion will also be created by separating surfaces from the underlying cushion. The previous scene file can be opened here:

The seat cushion will also be created by splitting surfaces from the padding object. Select a rectangular section of the lower padding, as shown in the image below. Make sure the Selection Tool’s Only Select Visible Elements option is enabled.

Use the Split command to create a new object using the selected polygons. The new object will automatically be placed beneath the original object in the hierarchy, meaning it will also be smoothed by the Subdivision Surfaces. Use the Extrude tool using the settings shown below to thicken the cushion. Don’t forget to enable the Caps option in the Attribute Manager. An Offset value of 25 and increasing the Subdivision by one should suffice.

Switch to Edges mode and select the center ring using the Loop Selection tool (see image above). Scaling the selected edge will create slightly bulging sides. We will also add a seam to the cushion. To do so, select the Bevel tool from the Mesh | Create Tools menu and add a beveled surface, as shown below.

The actual seam will be created by extruding a narrow line of polygons. So, switch to Polygons mode and select the edges to be extruded using the Ring Selection tool. Before extruding, make sure the Subdivision value is set to 0 and the Create Caps option is disabled. Use a negative Offset value to extrude the surfaces slightly inward. When finished your object should look like the one at the bottom right of the image below.

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