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Fine-Tuning Lights and Shadows

Cinema 4D offers numerous options for individually fine-tuning lights and shadows - not only for lights but for individual objects as well. We have already discussed the Compositing tag, with which cast shadows and received shadows can be adjusted.

Which object(s) a light illuminates can also be defined for each light. This can be done in the light’s Scene tab by setting its Mode to either Include or Exclude and dragging the objects you want to include or exclude from the Object Manager into the Objects field. If the Mode is set to Include, only the objects in the Objects field will be illuminated by that light. If the Mode is set to Exclude, the objects in the Objects field will be excluded from this light’s illumination. Multiple objects can be dragged into this field. These objects will then be listed vertically.

In our example we can use this feature to exclude the ground (Floor object) from the back light’s illumination. As you can see in the image below, all we have to do is drag the Floor object into the Scene tab’s Object field and set Mode to Exclude.

As you can see in the Objects field, all of an object’s symbols that can be enabled or disabled are copied here as well. These are from left to right: the diffuse shading on the car by this light source; specular highlights; shadows; this particular object’s Child objects. Hence, specular highlights can still be generated on a given object even if it is placed into the Objects field and Mode is set to Exclude. Simply disable its Specular icon (with a single click on it) in the Objects field.

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