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Function available in CINEMA 4D Broadcast, Studio

MoGraph Tutorial

By Andreas Asanger

These tutorials are designed to teach you the basics of MoGraph and invite you to experiment with its various parameters to find out what it is capable of doing …

MoGraph is included in Cinema 4D Broadcast and Studio versions.

This tutorial actually consists of several short projects that can be worked through in any order and even combined with each other. This tutorial lets you get to know numerous MoGraph functions and let you quickly establish a good basis for creating your own MoGraph animations.

First we will examine a finished MoGraph scene to find out more about the MoGraph workflow and logic. Then we will work through the first MoGraph project and increase the difficulty as we work through subsequent projects, including the new functions in MoGraph 2 such as MoSplines and MoDynamics. These tutorials are designed to make it easier for you to enter the world of MoGraph and give you hands-on experience in using the various MoGraph functions. You should also take the time to experiment with different functions and parameters as you work through these projects!

The material presented in this advanced tutorial requires previous knowledge of Animation and of the parameters contained in the Render Settings. These principles and functions will not be explained in these tutorials.