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Wrinkles, Edges and More Detail

For the next section you can use the Project you created or you can click on the link below to open the project in its interim state:

First, we will create the wrinkles in the face. To do so, add a new Layer on the subdivision level of 6 and rename the Layer ,Wrinkles’.

Select the Pull tool, set the Steady Stroke value to 7 and sculpt wrinkles into the face. Maker sure to vary the Size, Pressure and Buildup values to achieve a more natural-looking result.

You can also achieve a good amount of plasticity if you create wrinkles that run parallel, then change the tool’s Size value and increase the cavity between the elevations by pressing the Ctrl/Cmd key and applying the tool.

Using the Pinch tool you can now squeeze the crests of the wrinkles together. By pressing the Ctrl/Cmd while applying the Pinch tool you can reverse the tool’s effect and create an elevation from the cavity between two ridges. When using the Pinch tool it is also advisable to enable the Steady Strokes option. In this case, its value to 7.

Now use these tools to shape the entire face and make wrinkles out of the undulations. Try to create as much variation as possible so the finished object looks more natural.

The surface is still a little too smooth and needs more turbulence and texture. The Repeat tool can be used to resolve this. In its Stamp tab, load the Krater_Endlos_SW.jpg from your installation directory’s tex / tutorials folder and set its Size to 50. Set the Buildup value to 20.

Use these settings to further sculpt the face. The result should look similar to this:

This can be done on a separate Layer in order to maintain a better overview. In our example, we added a Layer and renamed it Finer_Details: