Tip:Windowsusers should disable Windows Ink for Cinema 4D in the Wacom preferences menu if using a tablet. the Sculpt brush will then work better

There are several Sculpting brushes available, designed for different purposes and with numerous shared parameters (which you might already be familiar with from using BodyPaint 3D). For example, each brush offers Size and Strength settings, among others. The settings can be defined individually or globally and can be saved in Sculpting brushes for later retrieval from the Content Browser.

Tip:The Sculpt brush also affects normal polygonal objects (without the Sculpt tag; only one selected object at a time). The respective objects should have a high enough subdivision.
Point, edge and polygon selections will be observed, i.e., only selected elements will be moved by the brush.
All brushes work with only a few exceptions (which are of little use in this regard anyway: e.g., Erase, Repeat, Amplify, Mask). In very few cases, some brush modes are not supported (e.g., all three Fill Draw Modes).

Furthermore, Sculpt brushes can be used to modify some Deformation objects and objects:

Note also that the Sculpt brushes now offer spline snapping (enable the Spline Snap option in the main Snap menu):

The splines to not have to lie on the surface of the Sculpt object: move and rotate the spline so it lies correctly over the object. Then roughly follow the spline with the brush (note also the Snap Radius option). The brush stroke will follow the spline exactly.

Brushes also snap to the Guide object (the Guide Snapping option must be enabled in the Snap settings).


Sculpt brushes can be modified interactively using hotkeys.

Sculpt brushes are displayed in the Viewport according to their hardness, strength and falloff when the cursor is placed over objects that can be sculpted.

The following combinations (the first two points work for all brushes in Cinema 4D) can be used:

Otherwise the following key combinations can prove to be very useful:


Link Size

Link Strength

Link Symmetry

Link Stencil

You can also find these options in the "Base" tab of each Sculpting brush; these 4 commands can be used to switch them. You can find details under Link Size.